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Young Marksmanship

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Young Marksmenship



Marion County Fish and Game Association has a young marksmanship program available for juniors 14 - 18 years of age. This program is centered around .22 caliber rifle and pistol training for competition.

In the pistol part of the program the young student receives instruction and training in the basics of safe pistol handling which includes:

  • sighting
  • aiming
  • grip
  • position
  • stance, etc.

Early practice sessions soon lead to short range firing at 25 feet, and then at 50 feet. Once a safe pattern of skill is established, scoring of targets begins. These targets earn the young shooter qualification awards as Pro-Marksman, Marksman, Marksman 1st Class, Sharpshooter, etc., and finally to 25 yards for higher awards.

Equipment, instruction and training coaches are free. It is highly desirable that the students' parents attend and witness the activities of the program. They are encouraged to reinforce the instruction and training the students receive.

Down the road these young shooters will develop competitive shooting skills. There are many tournament marksmanship competitions in Indiana and the surrounding states. Once in a while, one student will get so good as to earn financial support from his local NRA Club and the Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association. Ben Smith is one such young shooter. With the support and encouragement of his parents, the Southern Indiana Rifle & Pistol Club and the ISRPA, Ben got to compete in the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio in 2008. Marion County Fish & Game Association could sponsor a young marksman in the near future.

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