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Utah CFP Class

JAN FNS Cancelled January-11-2018
Jan Friday Night Steel is Cancelled due to weather. 
Friday Night Steel (FNS) Cancalled December-4-2017
Due to the weather forecast FNS is cancelled. 
2018 Renewal Packets Mailed November-20-2017
Membership renewal packets were mailed on Monday, renewal forms are also available on this website under the Membership Tab.&

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Class

For Registration,† Call 911 Defense at 317-507-1582

Why get a Utah CCW Permit?
The Utah Permit is Valid in More States than the Indiana License, including Ohio, West Virginia, Delaware, Nebraska, Minnesota & Washington

Class fee only $90*. Includes Fingerprints & Passport photo. Bring a COPY of your IN. Driverís License/ID &† IN. Concealed Carry Permit.

*Additional $49.00 payable to The Bureau Of Criminal Investigation

More info at . Shooting & Handgun Safety Classes Available for Groups, Individuals, & Couples.

Since 1907