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Gate Issue Resovled March-26-2018
The gate is working.  Thank you Dave Lee for resolving.
Range Closed Due to Gate Issues March-24-2018
The range is closed due to Gate issues. We are working to resolve this issue.
JAN FNS Cancelled January-11-2018
Jan Friday Night Steel is Cancelled due to weather. 

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December 29, 2015
Membership Renewal Update
  • Dues for 2016 are $110.00
  • You have until 4/2/2016 to pay your dues
  • Steps for renewal:
    • Fill out the renewal form you recieved in the mail
    • Enclose your payment
    • Mail to: MCF&G P.O.Box 24285, Speedway, In 46224
    • Or you can put it in the Guest Fee Box at the range

December 28, 2015
Construction Info
Beginning on Monday, December 21st, the main range will be closed for a complete tear-down and rebuild. There will be an entirely new covered firing line as well as new overhead baffles and numerous other much-needed improvements. While we hope it can be finished sooner, this process could take up to 90 days, during which time the main range will be unavailable. The bays will remain open for use during the construction period, so please be considerate of your fellow club members and share bay space.

December 16, 2015
Saftey Orientation Meeting Time Change
The time for the new memeber's saftey orientation is now 6:00pm the day of the Board Meeting (1st Tuesday of the Month).

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