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JAN FNS Cancelled January-11-2018
Jan Friday Night Steel is Cancelled due to weather. 
Friday Night Steel (FNS) Cancalled December-4-2017
Due to the weather forecast FNS is cancelled. 
2018 Renewal Packets Mailed November-20-2017
Membership renewal packets were mailed on Monday, renewal forms are also available on this website under the Membership Tab.&

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August 31, 2012
October 13th NRA Basic Pistol class
An NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course will be held on Saturday, October 13th at MCF&G.  This course satisfies the New Member Ecucation Requirement .  Read more and find a link to register for the class from the Training page.

August 7, 2012
Range Closures for Berm Repair

Good news!  We're doing some berm upkeep over the next few weeks in an effort to continuously improve the safety and shooting experience for our members.  The bad news is that we're going to have some range closures (typically 7 am - 5 pm) during the week in an effort to get the work done.  We're asking our members to steer clear of the range as much as possible during that time, so that we don't have more than necessary traffic congestion, cars parked in the way, etc., etc.  It is our goal to get this done as quickly as possible, so we can get back to shooting.  Please make sure that you yield to any earthmoving equiment on-site, and that there is absolutely NO SHOOTING WHILE THERE IS WORK GOING ON.  Since the folks helping may not be used to the noise of a shooting range, we want to ensure that they're not distracted and can complete their work safely and quickly.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE WEBSITE CALENDAR BEFORE GOING TO THE RANGE!  The calendar may change day-to-day for the next few weeks, so please make sure you double check it before you head to the range.  If there is work going on, the ENTIRE RANGE (bays and main range) will be closed to allow us to get the work done safely and quickly. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding; we look forward to making the range a better place for generations to come!


Chuck Bjork, President

Since 1907