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Gate Issue Resovled March-26-2018
The gate is working.  Thank you Dave Lee for resolving.
Range Closed Due to Gate Issues March-24-2018
The range is closed due to Gate issues. We are working to resolve this issue.
JAN FNS Cancelled January-11-2018
Jan Friday Night Steel is Cancelled due to weather. 

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September 26, 2011
October 4th is the best time for new members to join!

The monthly Board meeting at Marion County Fish and Game Association is coming up on Tuesday, October 4th at 7:15 pm.

Visit MCFG - Indy Range Official Website - Shotgun, Pistol, Shooting Range for details about the range and facilities as well as programs and matches that we offer. The link also contains directions to the club. Our physical address is 7052 Crawfordsville Rd., Indianapolis, IN.

Dues are $110 yearly and there is a one-time $25 fee for new members to cover your gate keycard. Renewals are $110. Also, don't forget that members receive discounts for many programs (i.e. Trap, Friday Night Steel, Bowling Pins).
Please note: if you join starting in OCTOBER, your dues will be good for the rest of 2011 and all of 2012. The meeting next Tuesday, October 4th is the best time for you to join all year! Please be on-time and make sure you have your paperwork and payment handy; we expect a lot of people to attend, so if you're all squared away it will make things easier for us to end the meeting on-time.

If you want to save time, print the application and fill it out ahead of time and bring it with you to the meeting. Here is a link to it:

Please review our rules and approved cartridge list:

You can also print a copy of our safety quiz and complete it beforehand:

All new members are required to go through our safety orientation and complete a quiz before they can become a member. Our Safety Coordinator (Chris) will go over the rules, and there is time for Q&A. The next opportunities for safety orientation would be during monthly Board meetings. While I understand it can be a pain to make a Tuesday night meeting (you may have to take vacation, etc.), it is very difficult for us to schedule special times to meet new members at the club for safety training, as we have 900+ member families.

Thanks for your interest in our club, and for helping us promote the shooting sports in Indiana. It is through the memberships of so many people that we have been able to continuously improve (new gate, new roof, new bays, etc.) the club in the past year. We just finished a handicap accessible bathroom that Members can use during normal hours! Thanks to our existing Members, and we look forward to having new members join us for the 2011-2012 shooting season!


Chuck Bjork

September 6, 2011
Membership Dues $110 for 2011

Membership dues were increased from $100 per year to $110 per year in an effort to keep up with inflation.  We updated the information on the Membership page, and on the Application page; any old documents that still show the old membership fees are void.  Please let us know if you find any other places on the website that still quote the old fees.  Our goal is to continue to improve the facility; we plan to have gravel work completed soon, new windows in the clubhouse, and a new furnace.  Thanks to all our members for making these improvements possible!

September 3, 2011
Boy Scouts Volunteer Painting Project

The Boy Scouts will be doing a volunteer painting project at MCFG starting on September 10th &11th and finishing up (if needed) September 17th &18th, 2011. They will be painting all of our buildings on the property.  If any members are interested in volunteering your time to help us, or have any tools that will be of help with the project please contact Melissa (  We are looking for volunteers to help do prep work, supervise, and help paint.  The scouts will be setting up camp at MCFG on Friday, September 9th and camping out until Sunday, September 11th.  They will also be using 1 bay on Saturday September 10th to do a shooting exercise that we would need a member to volunteer for help with Range Officer duties (after 4pm). We will be doing some prep work the weekend of Sept 3-5 that we could use some volunteers for as well.

Thank You!  

Melissa (

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