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Rule Update June-8-2017
Pursuant to a rule change made at the June 2017 club meeting, all trainers teaching classes on MCF&G grounds must have cu
Rule Update June-8-2017
Pursuant to a rule change made at the June 2017 club meeting, all trainers teaching classes on MCF&G grounds must have cu
Security Camera Installation May-8-2017
Special thank you to Mark and Ross Cosat of ISMI Springs for the Donation of the New Sony 55" Montior in the Club Hous

Please read this entire page before contacting us with membership questions! We will not repond to your question if the answer is in the contents of this page. Thank you.

How To Join Marion County Fish & Game Association

These are the steps for a New member to join Marion County Fish and Game Association (MCFG) or a Prior Member who did not renew by the cut-off date:

Complete an approved training class:

  • A list of the approved classes are available Here.
  • Training can be taken at MCFG or any other location. Here or Here for a list of training opportunities at MCFG.
  • Be sure to get a signed certificate of completion from the trainer.
  • There are no exemptions for the training requirement.

Fill out the paperwork:

  • Membership Application available Here.
  • Range Rules Quiz available Here.
  • Total dues for new members are $160, $110 membership dues, and $50 initial fees for the gate card

Attend Safety Orientation and Board Meeting

  • Prospective members must attend both a Safety Orientation and a Board Meeting to join.
  • A Safety Orientation will be conducted at 6:00 pm prior to every Monthly Board Meeting and Volunteer Day (check the schedule for time and date).
    • If you arrive late to the meeting, you will not be allowed to go through Safety Orientation and you will not be allowed to join. It is recommended that you show up at least 15 minutes early.
    • Please make sure you pay attention and ask questions! Violations of club rules can result in suspension or revocation of memberships
  • Attend a Board Meeting (typically the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm) or Volunteer Day (typically first Sat. in April)
    • Be sure to bring:
      - Payment
      - Signed certificate of completion of Training.
      - Application and Quiz if you completed them beforehand.

Membership Renewal

These are the steps for existing Marion County Fish and Game Association (MCFG) members who have a current and active membership and wish to renew:

Due Date for Dues:

  • Your renewal is due between January 1st and the first Volunteer Day of the year (typically the first Sat of April).
  • If your dues don't arrive by the first Volunteer Day you'll have to pay the New Membership Fee, meet the Education Requirement, and go through the Safety Orientation and attend a Board Meeting.
  • Please don't ask for "special consideration". These rules are designed to make it fair for all members as well as the volunteer Board.

How much are dues: $110.00

What paperwork is required:

  • Complete the membership information update form; these are mailed out during December timeframe or available¬†here ¬†.
  • Mail the completed form plus dues (check or money order) or drop off at the range in the Guest Fee slot on the Clubhouse door.
Mailing address: MCF&G
P.O. BOX 24285
Speedway, In 46224

Who do I contact to confirm my payment was received?

  • We prefer that you wait and watch for your check to clear. If you absolutely must have confirmation, wait until close to the Volunteer Day so that all of the transactions can be processed.
  • MCFG's Vice-President ( keeps track of payments that have been received. ¬†Please keep in mind that this is a volunteer position and that over a thousand payments will be getting mailed in.
Since 1907