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International Pistol

Gate Issue Resovled March-26-2018
The gate is working.  Thank you Dave Lee for resolving.
Range Closed Due to Gate Issues March-24-2018
The range is closed due to Gate issues. We are working to resolve this issue.
JAN FNS Cancelled January-11-2018
Jan Friday Night Steel is Cancelled due to weather. 

 Description of International Pistol Shooting:

Free Pistol – any .22 cal long rifle pistol. Shot single handed and no scopes/laser sights allowed. Loaded and fired one round at a time. Match is 60 shots fired at 50 yards on the B-19 precision target split into seven 17 minute stages. This match is preceded by a 10 minute preparation time and then the first stage is unlimited sighters (in 17 minutes) with the following 6 targets being the record fire. Scoring and repairing targets are done every 10 shots.

Standard Pistol – again a .22 lr pistol with iron sights and fired one handed. There are a few more regulations on the pistol but the main one is there is a 1,000 gram (2.2 lb) trigger pull minimum. This course of fire is shot in 5 shot series and there are 12 series. The first 4 series are shot in 150 seconds each, the second 4 series are shot in 20 seconds each and the last 4 series are shot in 10 seconds each. This match is entirely at 25 yards on the B-19 precision target. This match is preceded by a 5 minute preparation time followed by a 5 shot sighter series fired in the 150sec time frame. The targets are scored and repaired every 10 shots.

Center Fire Pistol – any center fire pistol with a caliber from 7.62mm to 9.65 mm (basically any .30 caliber). As with the other pistols, this one must also use iron sights and be fired single handed. Also there are some weight and size restrictions but the major point is the trigger pull minimum is now 1,360g or 3 lbs. The course of fire is again twelve 5 shot series broken into two main courses. The first 6 series are shot in 5 minutes each on the B-19 precision target. The next 6 series are shot in “Duel” format where the target faces you for 3 seconds and then away for 7 seconds. You are allowed to fire one shot each time the target faces. The target used here is the B-38 rapid fire target (the entire scoring area is black). All twelve series are fired at 25 yard on turning targets same as the Standard Pistol. This match begins with a preparation time of 5 minutes and then a 5 shot sighter series on the B-19 target in 5 minutes. The second half of the match, the DUEL portion, is preceded by a 3 minute preparation time and then a 5 shot sighter series fired in the DUEL format on the B-38 target.

Sport Pistol – The same course of fire as the center fire except using a legal .22 lr caliber pistol. This match at our club is used for Juniors and Ladies and is fired along with the center fire match.


International Pistol and Rifle,  shooting can be done in Indiana just about year around.  Free Pistol, Std. Pistol, and Centerfire Pistol/ Sport Pistol is fired at Marion County Fish and Game May thru September. Contact

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