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JAN FNS Cancelled January-11-2018
Jan Friday Night Steel is Cancelled due to weather. 
Friday Night Steel (FNS) Cancalled December-4-2017
Due to the weather forecast FNS is cancelled. 
2018 Renewal Packets Mailed November-20-2017
Membership renewal packets were mailed on Monday, renewal forms are also available on this website under the Membership Tab.&

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Do I have to go to a Board Meeting or Volunteer Day to join?
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Do you have to be a member to shoot at the range?
How do I become a member?
Do I get a new key every year?
What kinds of payment do you take?
How do I renew my membership?
When does my membership expire?
Why is no one available to immediately replace my lost key or answer my questions 24/7?
What positions are on the Board of Directors and how are they elected?

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