Marion County Fish & Game
Since 1907
About the Club

Membership Renewal Deadline March-24-2017
1 April is the last day for renewal memberships.  A Board Member will be present at the Range from 10AM - 3PM to take re
Inclement Weather Warning March-7-2017
In the event of an ice storm or freezing rain we atttempt to get the driveway and parking areas salted as soon as possible, h
Bowling Pins Cancelled February-25-2017
Bowling Pins for Feb is cancelled due to weather conditions. 

General Info

Marion County Fish & Game or Indy Range is an organization of hunting and fishing sportsmen for the promotion of wildlife. The club has been a 501c7 non-profit club since 1974.

MCFG Goals:

  • Promote the shooting sports in central Indiana.
  • Help our members learn safe, responsible gun handling.
  • Provide a place for shooting sports for future generations.
  • Be the best shooting club in central Indiana.
  • Encourage youth to participate in our programs.
  • Portray a positive representation of shooting sports to our community.
  • Oppose diligently any law which would restrict gun rights.

The Club's principle objectives include:

  • to promote a true spirit of sportsmanship among its members and among citizens of the state of Indiana
  • to aid the propagation of fish and game whenever possible
  • to promote the enactment of laws and preserver existing laws for protection of fish and game
  • to aid in preventing pollution of lakes and streams in Indiana
  • to cooperate with the duly constituted authorities in conservation programs
  • to cultivate and promote a friendly relationship amoung its members and the general public
  • to work together for athe mutual advantage of all to the end that there may be a greater quantity of wildlife available in forest, field, and water
  • to encourage and promote organized shooting sports among its memebers and the citizens of our community in the safe and efficient handling of firearms
  • to oppose diligently any law which would restrict the legal ownership of a firearm or one's right to protect oneself!!!
  • Marion County Fish & Game is a federally designated wildlife area.

Since 1907